The Answer to My Clutter Woes- The Handpicked Collection Curio House

When I started The World of Kitsch, it was a simple blog to share my charity shop finds with my friends. Quite soon our little house became totally full, and the blog changed into more of a wishlist, as I had no more room to store nicknacks.

Handpicked Collection comes to the rescue for collectors like me with the House Curio Shelf. Their lovely PR Helen sent me one out, knowing I would be just the lady with the bits and pieces to fill one!

It can be wall mounted too. I can imagine three of them on a stairway wall, filled with little ornaments from special days out. My son wants one for his room too, it could easily be spray painted to match a child's bedroom, then filled with shells, feathers, pebbles and bits from seaside adventures.

£34.95 available here