Taking Care of Your Kitsch Collections

Welcome Aviva to The World of Kitsch with a guest post of these top tips for looking after your precious collections.



If you are a collector of vintage or specialty items, then you are no doubt familiar with the value of your items. For a collector – whether of stamps, coins, vintage jewellery, or something more unique like a particular sort of ornate figurine – these items are highly valued and dearly cherished. If nothing else, the efforts you might go to in order to obtain certain rarer pieces for your collections gives them a certain personal worth to you.


All of this begs the question: how do you care for and store your items once you've actually collected them? A collection of rare or vintage items is only as valuable as its condition, and with that in mind here are some tips for protecting your own collections. 

Purchase Appropriate Containers
The containers you purchase for your collectible items depend, to a large extent, on the items themselves. However, there are some general factors to keep in mind. For example, the first thing you should look for in a container is that it appropriately stabilizes the item within. This helps to prevent minor physical damages from instability and jostling. Additionally, you should consider any specific needs of the items. For example, certain collectible or antique items can be negatively affected by things like moisture or varying temperatures, etc. In such instances, you can find cases and containers that meet these needs. 


Rotate Your Displays
In most cases, you will want to have your collectible items on display. That may mean keeping a stamp book out on a coffee table, or something more like having a whole case full of antique china. Whatever the case, if you have a large collection, you may feel more secure about it if you periodically rotate your display items. This allows you to store some of your collection completely safely, rather than putting it all on display at once, as theoretically items on display are at more risk for damage, theft, etc.


Insure Your Home & Property
Generally speaking, you should look into having your home insured by a respectable insurance company like Aviva in any case. However, with specific regard to valuable collections, this idea becomes even more important. While insurance can never guarantee the return of stolen property, it can compensate you financially in the event of theft. This can help to lessen the blow if your collectibles are ever stolen or vandalized, and can even provide you with the financial means to replenish your collection more quickly.

Store In The Right Room
Finally, just as you should strive to find the right container or case for a collection, you should also store items in the correct room according to needs. Once again, temperature can be a factor, and you may also want to consider external factors such as moisture and light. Some collectible items may suffer, for example, in a dank basement, or a brightly lit room.