Win a Ravensburger Scotland Yard Board Game to Mark National Unplugging Day #GoGadgetFree

I can see the irony in posting a blog about National Unplugging Day, ON National Unplugging Day, but if you are online today and feel inspired to get prepared for some gadget free days over the school summer break, I have a  Ravensburger Scotland Yard game to give away you might like to play.


The game has one player be Mister X who is on the run through the streets of London. The other players play detective, with the only clues being Mister X's transport tickets. He can travel by bus, London Black Cab, or the Underground. If Mister X eludes capture then that player is the winner! 

The game is suitable for age 8 and up, with two different styles of play described in the instructions. You can play a slightly easier version of the game to start, or if you have young players joining in. So the game can adapt to your skill level. 

You can find the game at Smyth's Toys, or a variety of online stores. 

So would you like to win the game to play over the summer holidays? Simply take part using the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck! 

They're Coming this Summer! Ravensburger Minion 3D Jigsaw.

I haven't put together a jigsaw puzzle in years, and I've never attempted a 3D one, so this was a fun review to do.  

The Minions from the Despicable Me series have their own movie coming out this summer, so the shops are due to be swamped in yellow Tic Tac shaped fellows in blue overalls. In fact EVEN Tic Tacs are bringing out limited edition banana sweets in celebration of their lookalikes.


3D jigsaws come with numbered pieces which you put together in turn. It was a little fiddly but only took ten minutes for a puzzle this size. Would be a great present for a birthday boy or girl.


Family Board Game Review- Santa's Rooftop Scramble!

Ravensburger played Santa to us this week, delivering their new Santa's Rooftop Scramble Board game for us to test out. It's a traditional travel-round-the-board style family game, for 2-6 people, with a suggested age of five and above. Our family consists of our son, almost six, my husband & me, and we sat down on Sunday afternoon to throw the die.

My initial thoughts were, 'there are an awful lot of instructions, this seems quite complicated for under 8s'. Straight from the box it does take ten minutes to get the hang of how to play, but once you get going it's less fussy than it looks. We wouldn't need to re-read the instructions if we took it out to play again for example. 

The object of the game is to spin a wheel to collect presents that your Santa must deliver, then move to the board and roll the die to travel around trying to land on the houses your lists match up with. The first Santa to deliver all his presents is the winner. My son won, much to his delight.  

Santa's Rooftop Scramble suggests it will become a tradition in your family to play every year around Christmas time, and I certainly agree it will be fun to bring out every year in December with the decorations & play together.  It's available on Amazon.