Problems With Modern Life - GET REAL: Magda Archer’s New Poster Art Show Opens in Firstsite Colchester TODAY!


Problems with Modern Life is a new poster exhibition by one of my favourite artists Magda Archer.


You may have seen me post her Post Brexit UK print on my Instagram this week, as I recently got around to purchasing a signed copy from Flying Leaps, and framing it handsomely with help from my Dad. It now hangs in my kitchen and brightens up my day more successfully than Brexit brightens up Britain’s financial forecasts. 


Anyway, back to Magda’s new show, which again are poster style works, in large formats. Archer’s kitsch artworks are both personal and socio-political, inspired by vintage advertising and British pop culture.


With tongue-in-cheek captions and visual humour, the artworks at first appear cheerful, but upon reflection suggest deeper meanings, hinting at themes of consumerism, social media and current politics. There’s also touches of internet culture and memes.

The show is taking place in Firstsite Colchester, and opens today, Friday 5th June 2019. Entrance is free, the gallery is open from 10am until 5pm, 7 days a week. The show runs until 23rd June.

Last Minute Valentine Gift Idea- Kitsch Print From Jealous Gallery By One of My Favourite Artists Magda Archer

If I had a couple of hundred pounds to spend on art I would spend it in Jealous and I would spend it on Madga Archer’s work

I stumbled upon Magda’s designs completely by accident at the end of last year, thanks to the print below. I was watching the documentary about autism with Chris Packham and spotted this huge print in his home, with the Wire Fox Terrier, and immediately had to stop the programme to hunt down the artist. Unfortunately I found the print was £225 (here) which was outside my spending money, but I had found the artist, Magda, and could follow her on Instagram.


Instagram is so great for keeping up with artists you love, so if they do release short runs of prints for special events you can get a chance to own their work when at other times you might not be able to, so I was able to get a chance to get one of Magda’s Feminist designs before Christmas by being a follower on Instagram.

So in December I was able to buy a small print via Jealous Gallery, as well as do a good old fashioned cut out and keep job when Magda’s Brexit Print was featured in a newspaper one week.


If you want to check out Magda’s work and buy a piece for Valentine’s you can do so via London’s Jealous Gallery. I did so before Christmas and was very pleased with their customer service. Browse here.

Magda Archer- Modern Life’s Depressing Problems Meet Sickly Sweet Kitsch




I was starting into the BBC documentary where Chris Packam talks about his Aspergers, but had to pause and hit Google when I spotted this glorious Wire Fox terrier print on his wall.

The artist is Magda Archer, and perusing their other prints at Jealous Gallery only confirmed that they are right up my street.