Superdrug Goes a Teeny Bit Moschino


A brand new Superdrug store has opened in Bloomfields Shopping Centre in Bangor. It's at the Next end of the complex and is worth a visit. When you enter the store the entire left hand side wall is flanked with all the makeup brands, right to my favourite dupe brand REVOLUTION at the back. 

Right at the back of the store is an eyebrow threading walk-in station (thinking about reviewing that, what do you think?) and if you then turn to face the front of the store again, you'll find a display of these very cool makeup bags. 


They are decently priced, from £2.99 for the circle purse with Pom Pom which would work for carrying lippie on a night out. 


To the £3.99 rectangle pouch which would hold touch up mascara, highlight and the like.

They are so Jeremy Scott/ MOSCHINO don't you think? The fabric is plastic, not leather, but is very soft and a good fake. It's wipe clean so you can carry some spare wipes and use one of them as a portable makeup kit. 


I got the large pouch in the soft, orange pleather, and I'm using mine to store my M.E. medicines I have to bring when I'm staying overnight at my parents. 

They could also make fab pencil cases.  

Ridgway Homemaker Inspired Treehouse of Terror Simpsons' Mugs- From Poundland!

It may just be my Ridgway Homemaker obsessed eye, but doesn't this mug from Poundland in Bloomfields have a bit of a nod to the classic black & white striped background 50s' design? 


Simpsons' fans should call in and get the set, a steal at £1 a mug.