Quirky Christmas Decorations- a Beginner's Guide

With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, there will be a lot of focus on tradition in the coming months.This means hearing Christmas songs everywhere you go, seeing people bundled up in red and green scarves, preparing holiday meals etc. You may even start doing some early shopping, picking up Christmas hampers from M&S or starting to compile a gift list for family and friends.

Its also the time to give thought to decorating your home for Christmas, and this is where you can have a bit of fun outside of normal tradition. In fact there are a lot of quirky possibilities for alternative decorations that you can dress your home with in a more unique style.


Blend the Seasons.

Halloween is by far the most fun holiday to decorate for. Many people go as far as turning their homes into veritable haunted houses for late October.So is there any reason why you cant leave up some fake spiderwebs and skulls for Christmas, Tim Burtonesque? Imagine the charm of a grinning skull with a Santa hat, or a zombie Santa ornament here or there. It may not be the most orthodox theme, but on the other hand if a fake skull can get into the festive spirit then why not anyone visiting your home?



Woodland creatures are very Christmassy. This can take the form of plastic reindeer in the yard, or bird ornaments for your tree. Instead of fake ornaments, you can always dress up some real taxidermy. Stuffed animals aren't for everyone, but some clever fakes can also have your guests doing double takes.


Light Shows.

Plenty of families do extravagant lighting inside and around their home as a Christmas tradition. Why not have some fun with this aspect of decoration? Take a lesson from the Gangnam Style halloween house video on Youtube, but if setting up lights to music is a little too tricky for you, have a go at spelling out words with your outdoor lighting. This can certainly ass a bit of humour to your Christmas decorating.


This is a guest post on behalf of Marks and Spencer.