Moomins Overnight Bag by Disaster Designs

I'm a big fan of Disaster Designs. They are the brand behind the paper plane print bags and purses, one bag of which my husband bought me two years back and I've used almost constantly as my handbag since.

They also made the crochet Pirate Bunny my son has had since the day he was born, and still takes to bed every night. Beautiful twee products, even non-girly girls like myself can't help but lust after.

I spotted their Moomin range last summer, and whilst never a huge Moomin fan (they scared me) I still loved the overnight bag, which is the same shape as my Paper Plane one I love so much.

I treated myself to it at Christmas, and here it is. The rain print is actually stitched, a really nice touch. The material is a faux-leather and really soft.