Free Cupcakes for Northern Irish Folks!

I recently entered a competition on Northern Irish site to invent your dream cupcake.

I can't bake very successfully, so the prize of a box of my dream cupcake made up was a good'un!

I'm very envious of my peers who are part of the new wave of crafters and bakers, I lack the skill, but have lots of good ideas!

My invented cupcake is now in the final 4 which will be made up for tasting and public vote at St. George's Market Belfast, Sunday 12.30pm.
So if you fancy some free buns, you know where to be tomorrow.

Here's my entry which will be available to test & vote on.

Eastern Promise A straightforward milk chocolate cake mix, but with a chunk of Rose Turkish delight enclosed inside. Topped with deep pink, Turkish delight coloured icing, and sprinkled with tiny dark chocolate stars.