Fantastic Mister Fox

Taxidermy, another of the more morbid sides of kitsch.
This creepy pass-time sees our expired furry friends stuffed for all time & put on the wall.

 Original hunting trophies, now taxidermy laws are strict. Beasties must be obtained naturally, eg. you can't go out & catch yourself a goat to kill for your wall. Pieces come with their own papers, which meant an animal lover like myself doesn't feel evil for enjoying my fox head, although I do appreciate for some it is a little gruesome.

 My interest in taxidermy stretches way back to when I was a toddler. I am a city kid, born & raised in Belfast, but in the town centre we have a very old cafe called Delaney's which is cram packed with taxidermy.

 It's still there today & still has about a dozen pieces including a buffalo head & a couple of antelope.
My mum & gran used to take me to Delaney's when we were in town shopping, they do a mean pavalova.
As a toddler I called it, "The Dead Face Shop" such was my curiousity with their stuffed menagerie.

 My father-in-law loved Mister Fox so much, he went out & got himself one from an antique shop.
Spreading the ugly kitsch!