Eames Era Extravagant Retro Plant Stand

For my recent thirtieth birthday, my parents paid for a boat-shaped cocktail bar I had hunted down. It has been my long term item of lust.

I think it's nice to have at least one almost unattainable item to search the boot sales and charity shops for, so my next longed for item has become an Eames era plant stand.

These needlessly large display tables come in many designs, but commonly have the modernist, tapered legs, and the table tops vary in colour.

I've tried my luck on eBay for one, but the current price range they end up selling for is between £35 and £80. Add postage to that for such a large and awkward item, and it defeats the whole purpose of my bargain hunting philosophy!

Much like my boat bar, I can see my quest to own a quirky plant stand stretching out over a couple of years, but that's all part of the fun.
I think my best chance is a car boot sale, fingers crossed.