Encouraging Creativity -Build a Beautiful Bird House with Your Little Ones This Spring

An issue that’s mentioned a lot in the media is that children don’t spend enough time outside, and instead they stay inside watching TV or on computers, which is said to lead to them eliciting an anti-social behaviour.

Most children these days are quite proficient with their DS and even iPad. Compared to how a lot of us grew up, very few kids can actually say that they have climbed a tree or made their own kart like our generation before them. For some children the appeal of going out and making their own fun has in some ways been lost; it’s practically torture for some, because there is an utter reliance on gadgets to entertain them for such large parts of their day.


How can we as parents help our children to learn to enjoy being outside, away from anything electronic?


Polarn O. Pyret, an international kid’s clothes retailer, has tried to get the ball rolling by sharing a few spring activities so that we as parents can take the next step to engage our children in an activity, and get them to use their imagination outside of how to complete the next level of the adventure game they’re trying to beat.


They’re a couple how to’s on there like making stilts and building a bird house, followed with simple visual instructions, so clear that children can make it themselves. 


As some of the DIY activities involve nails, you would have to supervise the entire project of course and decide when it’s better for them to sit back and observe, rather than hammer away with dangerous tools. You could for example get them involved with measuring the lines to cut, painting itand even decide on the placement of the house – at least if it’s their first time.


Making a bird house not only teaches valuable DIY skills, but can build confidence, increase your child vocabulary and of course teach them about flora and fauna.


What better way to get your children learning about animals than for them to create a bird’s own home and watch how theyuse it? This can be a great stepping stone to your child beginning to build their own things and getting creative outside.