Bad Taste Grotto

I actually ran out of plugs to plug my lights into. Red plastic flowers also light up on the flamingo bottom right.
There's also a light up white bird from Ikea in there but his battery is dead.

 This is all year round, I have light up eyeballs on a string too as part of my extensive Halloween decorations & Christmas gets even more twinkly.

 Last year I had a Dr Seuss themed tree. It was bright turquoise with red& white striped baubles incluing mini Cat in the Hat ornaments.

 New house is a bit bigger this year so definitely going to get a big, proper tree (getting terribly excited even thinking about that).

 Hope to decorate it 50s style with those old lantern type fairy lights, or tacky icicles, and lots of mismatched old ornaments. Basically trying to recreate my late Granny's Christmas trees.
eBay is going to be trawled for vintage ornaments next month.