Mid Century Mania- Yumalum’s Eames’ Era Inspired Art Prints


Etsy is a goldmine for finding wares for your cult niche or fandom. Mainstream brands wouldn’t invest the time and money in creating a line of t-shirts & phone cases for... say an obscure, but well-loved sci fi show that’s only been on for one season. However Etsy is the place where you are likely to find a designer as dedicated to that programme as you, with a little store of merch for you to peruse.


Some of Etsy’s finest artefacts can be the goods from talented illustrators who have prints with themes from Game of Thrones, to sports teams, to tributes to classic design like the store I’m featuring today- Yumalum.





The illustrations are inspired by Eames, Herman Miller & Catherineholm. They are available in two sizes, A3 or a larger 50x70cm print. They would brighten up a kitchen or study and most designs come in more than one colourway to choose from.

Shop Yumalum’s Etsy store for all the prints here