Welcome The Whole Family Home This Christmas With a Beautiful Personalised House Sign


It’s my dream one day to live in a little house, even a tiny one bedroom place, but somewhere that has a name. When I was tiny we would go to the Isle of Man and stay in a place called Rose Cottage, maybe it’s a throwback to that. I also have often coveted the hand-painted signs that people have on those houses, especially on our North Coast. The ones with wild flowers or squirrels.

So when  U.K. Sign Shop asked me would I like to review their service, and pick a sign in return, I said of course. 

The site has a live preview option, which means you enter your house number and street name and can see exactly what the sign will look like, the spacing etc. So it won’t be a surprise how it looks and you can change it before it’s printed. You can see which of the signs will look most aesthetically pleasing with your street name or house name, before it even printed up.  They also have a seven day money back guarantee however, if you aren’t happy with the finished product.

There are 30 slate designs to choose from, 33 acrylic, 3 wood, 7 aluminium, 4 corian & 5 resin. You can play around with the designs as much as you want in the live preview before submitting the final product for digital printing. Sign prices start from £6.49, so there is a wide range of styles and price ranges to choose from.

There are also business signage options available, wall art and wedding signs. 


I chose the ‘Robin Way’ slate sign, which has 25% off right now and is £24.99. I’ve yet to get it put up, as the weather has been dreadful, but I’m so happy with how it’s turned out. (I’ve edited the picture to remove the text so my house number can’t be read.) The slate itself is very thick & good quality, the print is crisp and colours bright and clear. 

If you are super quick, shipping today, 5th December, is free, it’s usually £4.99 and if you order before the 10th December they guarantee Christmas delivery, so it could be a good present for someone who really has everything, but would love a fresh new look for welcoming people through the door. 

If it’s after 10th December, it’s not too late to think about revamping your home for a brand new year, and that can start with the outside too. These signs will last for years to come, so why not start 2019 with a fresh face for your home too?

Visit UK Sign Shop and use their live preview with your house number to see what your personalised sign could look like.