Spookify Your Whole House This Year- Asda Has Halloween Duvets!



Asda has been the best place to get fun Christmas duvet covers the past few years. They do fun, seasonal prints starting at £10 for singles, but also have the designs available in doubles and king size, and for the prices it’s affordable for something fun for a few weeks of the year. 

Well for 2018 they have launched a couple of prints to add to your calendar for the month of October, with some Halloween themed duvet covers in their George department online store



There are a couple of prints to choose from, but the Christmas prints are also in stock if you want to browse those too. 

There’s also a selection of Halloween props, but there are more to choose from in your local Asda store which will have a whole aisle, however unless you have a specific Asda Home store near you, online is the best bet for the duvet prints, but shipping is free if you do click and collect to your local, regular Asda store.