Treat Yourself To A Spooky Poke! Mauds’ Limited Edition Zombie Brains Halloween Ice Cream

Resurrected from the flavour graveyard, Mauds ice creams has brought back their Halloween Special Zombie Brains ice cream with lovely chewy bits of mallow and juicy strawberry.

I had two zombies* arrive at my house yesterday delivering a delicious tub of Zombie Brains to try out myself (*they were stylishly dressed zombies, so I think they may have been from  Team Mauds’ rather than the graveyard).


True to Carrick-based Mauds’ brand, this vanilla and strawberry ice cream doesn’t just have the strawberry flavouring through it, there are actual berry chunks through the creamy dessert, as well as chewy mini-mallows. It’s an absolute dream.


It also looks fairly zombie-brain-like. If you wanted to serve it up with some extra strawberry or raspberry sauce on top, you could get it looking a bit gruesome if you wanted that way. Equally, you could pair it with some broken meringue nests and make a quicky Eton Mess like a dessert-making pro with just those two ingredients. 

The Zombie Brains Mauds Ice Cream is a Halloween limited edition. Check the Mauds website for Mauds Cafe locations and Mauds Stockists.  

And Happy Halloween from The World of Kitsch!