The Puzzling French Colour-by-numbers Books That Are Fulfilling in Any Language



I'm rather particular about the type of colouring book I like. They have to be colour by numbers, and be a picture where you don't know what you are colouring until you start to shade the shapes and the image appears.

I like the Colour Quest books, but whilst browsing Amazon I also found these French books, which obviously don't require translation to enjoy.




I bought the pair of Vice Versa books, where the page is a mass of swirls with one bold image you initially can see, which is a clue to the finished coloured piece you are filling in. 

The publisher also has a massive range of Disney mystery colouring books, with Stars Wars, Manga and architecture filling other books. 




I love the look of this one book especially, where you colour a smeared image which will appear when you put a reflective glass in the centre.

Let me know if you buy any of the Disney books, and let me see your creations!