The Best Little Edie For The Day-Compare Drew Barrymore, Christine Ebersole & Bill Hader's Versions Of The Famous Grey Gardens Costume Speech


I'm totally obsessed with Grey Gardens right now, and was searching for a video that showed just how close Drew Barrymore got to actually being Little Edie Beale in the HBO drama version about the ladies' lives. Drew won a Golden Globe for her amazing performance, but sadly YouTube didn't have any videos with her renditions of any of the famous sections of dialogue right beside the original clips from the documentary.  So I had to make one!

I decided to compare some other classic Little Edie performances, first with Christine Ebersole's Tony Award winning version in the Grey Gardens Broadway musical. Christine plays a younger Big Edie in the first act of the show, set when Grey Gardens was at its peak and Little Edie was a young girl. Then in the second act, set around the time the Maysles made their infamous documentary, Ebersole takes on the role of Little Edie. The Costume For The Day speech is set to musical accompaniment, and the whole second act quotes much of the documentary, which die hard fans adore.

Lastly, I just had to tag in Bill Hader's 'Little Vivvy' from the half hour spoof 'Sandy Passage', part of the Documentary Now! series which parodied a whole collection of classic documentaries including The War Room & Stop Making Sense.

Who do you think does the best Little Edie? I didn't include RuPaul's Drag Race winner Jinkx Monsoon's version as she doesn't do this speech on the episode, but I may go back later & see if I can find her quoting it in the Return to Grey Gardens stage show she has performed.