Win a Fidget Spinner! What Is a Fidget Spinner? Why Are Schools Banning Them? Where Can You Buy One in Northern Ireland?


Until yesterday I hadn't heard of fidget spinners. Then last night Smix thrust eBay under my nose with one of these odd looking thingies listed that looks more like something for fixing a bike or engine than a toy.  

Fidget spinners seem to be the latest craze, like loom bands or Coca-cola yo-yos, good luck avoiding them the next couple of months.  They are weighted spinners that are designed to be played with to help you concentrate. They are especially great for those with ADHD as an aid to focus. As their name would imply, they are just good fun to fiddle with. The only way to really show you what they do is to show you one in action. 

The craze seems to have started with Youtubers picking them up and doing tricks, or using things like hairdryers to experiment as to how fast they can get them to spin. One Youtuber even knocked out a tooth with one.

That, and the distraction of them in class has led some schools to ban them already. So there is debate whether they would help everyone focus, or prove too distracting for some kids. 

If you haven't had the pleading for one yet, you will. You can be prepared and order off AliExpress for a pound or two, but remember you will have a few weeks to wait before it arrives. eBay has them too and you can try searching for a UK based seller there. 

If you live in Northern Ireland, fidget spinners have been spotted in Stewart Millars, and I got one this afternoon in Cotters, beside the main post office in Bangor. As of 3rd May they have lots in stock, regular, camo-print and also LIGHT UP!

I've also had a tip off Centra in Wellington Place in Belfast has them. The Spar on the Comber Road in Dundonald is another stockist. The Candy Box in Milisle.

If you have any other tip offs of locations you've spotted them for sale in Northern Ireland, please let me know on Twitter, I'm @rudedoodle (link at top of webpage). 

So good luck with your spinner quest! I guess I have to admit I am too old and really can't see the attraction, but I remember the hysteria of Coke yo-yos, so I can empathise with that! 

UPDATE: I am giving away the white fidget spinner we bought on eBay before we managed to get one in a shop locally. It will be brand new and not played with. Open to everyone, UK to worldwide! 

If you've missed closing time, watch my site for a competition to win one of the new Stretch Armstrong toys, coming this weekend.