Stena Line Day Cruises Are Back! £12 Day Trips Makes For Weekends They'll Never Forget.


When you are a kid travelling is always such an adventure. I remember pleading with my parents to take us to the Belfast City Airport, just to hang around cause I loved the atmosphere so much. 

With kids loving travel in mind, let me tell you about Stena Line's great value day trips. They have been on the go since at least 2013, because then still a family of three we went on their pirate & princess day cruise. Since then Smix has asked to go on the ship often and in 2015 we we're lucky enough to travel over to M&Ds with another Stena Line day trip. However it's the first type of trip we are taking again soon, and I'll feature it all on here.

They are called Kid Day Trips, and involve being at sea from 1130am - 545pm. There's a tonne of things to do on the ship, plus added entertainment especially for the day. 

Prices, considering its for a whole day's fun, is very reasonable. £12 for a ticket, adult or child or baby, and there's a family fare option of £44 for two adults and two children. 

There is a restaurant on board as well as a separate coffee shop and main bar. If it's the same ship as we were on before, then there is also a spa on the top deck with a sauna, jacuzzi, nail bar and masseuse. It was an extra payment of £10 when I was last travelling. 

Clockwise: Soft Play Area - Trendy bar - Cinema - Spa

Clockwise: Soft Play Area - Trendy bar - Cinema - Spa

There is also a small duty free style shop, and with your travel that day you get £5 off a £25 spend. I previously got some Chanel perfume and a frivolous but completely needed giant Care Bear toy. 

Keep an eye out on my Rudedoodle Instagram, and Snapchat (also username rudedoodle) to catch live updates from our day trip in a few weeks time.