Simply Crochet Magazine- Unicorns, Cacti, Doughnuts & Kitsch Patterns Galore


Simply Crochet Magazine isn't your Granny's crafting pattern monthly. I picked up a copy in Tesco this afternoon after spying their kit this month is a rainbow maned unicorn.

For £5.99 the mag is packed with patterns of cool things you'd actually want to own, including unicorn slippers! 

Needles aren't included but everything else you need is, and I'm not too sure if I will be able to follow the patterns yet, but it's a challenge I'm willing to accept. 


If you subscribe monthly you'll get the magazine delivered, and a panda bear Crochet kit. I'm going to try the unicorn make and maybe subscribe if I get along with it well.

There are some clothing patterns included in  month's issue too, as well as yarn reviews and accessory features. 

My Gran Phillips would crochet as well as knit, so it's in my genes. However Simply Crochet is definitely a crochet magazine for my generation, because beginners like me can learn how to follow patterns and do each specific stitch type, on the Simply Crochet YouTube Channel.


I've been able to knock out a ten foot long, skinny scarf in about five days so far, and I'm on my second. I'll be adding mermaid or unicorn embellishments then selling them to anyone who wants to be a scruffy, chic Doctor Who-ess. So I'll finish this second scarf this week, then research and attempt the rainbow unicorn from this month's issue of Simply Crochet. Wish me luck, I might need it until I master this new craft!