A Very Grey Gardens Christmas- Ideal Gifts for the Little Edie in Your Life


I adore Grey Gardens, and everyone knows someone who loves the Edies, Big & Small. Now you have the chance to buy official Grey Gardens items, lovingly curated by family members, including Eva Marie Beale. 

There are gift ideas for everyone in the beautiful online store.  Whether you want to wear your Grey Gardens appreciation loud & proud, with one of these Alli Arnold Little Edie Scarves, or more subtly in your home with the Sea Spray or Lily Pond Lane scented candles.


There is a Grey Gardens jewellery collection, featuring Little Edie’s Famous brooch, but also other carefully made reproductions of the pair’s vintage pieces. The range is handcrafted in 14k gold, with diamonds and semi-precious stones. I’ve only shown Little Edie’s brooch above, but if you click through you can browse the whole collection.

The store even has Grey Gardens wine (sadly out of stock right now) and a Sadler Teapot and Grey Gardens tea for your ‘Tea For Two’ moments.


I’ve featured the Grey Gardens Scrapbook, by the Maysles Sisters previously, but the other must-have book for fans of the documentary is this gorgeous, coffee table, photo book by Eva Marie Beale. ‘Edith Bouvier Beale Beale of Grey Gardens- A Life in Pictures’ has a selection of photos of Little Edie growing up, that you just can see anywhere else. It would make a lovely Christmas present.

Lastly, there is a preorder for this fabulous Alli Arnold designed Little Edie stationery.

Visit the Official Grey Gardens store for more, bags, cushions, fragrances, everything your heart could desire!