Zany Illustrations & The Real Housewives Entertainment Paradox


I love love love The Real Housewives. I've watched all of the Beverly Hills franchise, Miami, newer ones like Dallas & Auckland, but I've just finished a major five week binge of The Real Housewives of New York. 

I'm now right up to the end of season 8, ready for Hayu to screen season 9 in the next few months. 


I spotted these hilarious illustrations of the ladies on  But Youre Like Really Pretty, where you can find lots of Kardashian content too. Strangely I don't watch the Kardashians, despite it being the Bible of reality tv shows. I tried to get into it but there wasn't enough fighting in it to entertain me.


That leads me to my current problem. Something I call The Real Housewives Entertainment Paradox. 

I've finished RHONY, and next up is Orange County. Hayu has ten seasons, enough to keep me going for maybe two months.  

So why am I reluctant to start watching? Well, it's the fact that the earlier the Housewives season, the less drama and fighting there is. So whilst I've ten seasons to watch, the first four are going to be set in the mid 2000s and involve a lot of watching them go to the hairdressers and politely eat dinner with each other. 


So why not skip ahead to season six or seven? Well there's a problem there too. When they do yell at each other, you haven't done your homework and don't know all the underlying tensions and alliances causing the ruckus to occur.  

So to fully enjoy the drama of later seasons, I have to do the homework and watch the earlier, slower seasons before they realised big viewing figures were brought about by making these women catfight as much as possible.

With Orange County I have another more personal problem. They are ALL blonde. I have slight facial blindness and find it hard to recognise people even if I've met them twice or three times in person- so put seven identical thin blonde women on screen and I have no idea why anyone is doing anything. 

So I'm going to have to just knuckle down and watch the boring, early seasons so I can get to enjoy the later seasons where one of their husbands pretends to have cancer etc.  

Life is tough, right?  

Want to chat Housewives? I'm @rudedoodle on Twitter. 

Post Script- I found a way to cheat. You can skip the first three seasons of RHOOC by just watching the reunions to get the round up of what little disagreements have happened between the ladies.