We Went to the Northern Ireland Sing Movie Premiere!


Sing is the new animated movie from Universal, from the studios who bring us the Minions.  

Sing is part musical I suppose, as the characters perform dozens of well known pop classics during the story of a small theatre putting on a singing competition. 

The story itself is a tried and tested, feel good, overcoming adversity tale, with no shocking twists or modern edgy plot lines, but that's what makes it a great family film that even toddlers will be able to follow & fall in love with. 

Coincidentally Smix is obsessed with Koalas right now, and the lead character is the theatre owner koala Buster Moon, voiced by Matthew McConaughey.


Universal Ireland invited us along to the Northern Irish premiere on Sunday, at the Odeon in the Victoria Square complex in Belfast. 


I think it was both our first times at a premiere, so it was very exciting to get on the red carpet! 


We had such a good time, and loved the film itself too. There are screenings this weekend, so check your local listings, then the proper full release is on the 27th of January.  

So it's a great one to pencil in for half term. 

Lastly, I had to include this gif from the Magic Mirror, because it made me laugh so much when they printed it out. How to mortify your nine year old son in four easy steps!