Beauty Quickie: Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrub


This summer YouTube blew up with drama of the fall out of Kat Von D and Jeffree Star. I had heard of both of them, and knew both had makeup lines, but after watching Jeffree's response video to Kat, I started watching his other vids and got hooked. If the pair of them engineered the drama to boost follower size & sales, it sure worked.

Two weeks ago Jeffree's store had a weekend flash sale, so I took the opportunity to purchase one of his liquid lipsticks and a lip scrub. 


I'll be reviewing the liquid lip soon, as I bought some fakes on AliExpress also, and I will show you the difference between them & the real thing and how to spot whether you've been sold the real deal.

But for now, the lip scrub. It comes in several flavours and some are sold out, but I chose the strawberry. 

The only other flavour left is Mojito  

The only other flavour left is Mojito  

There are half a dozen steps you can do for your skin care routine on your face at night, but up until now I didn't have a lip treatment except for an Estée Lauder lip balm. This scrub removes dead skin and any leftover lipstick after cleansing. 

Here is how it looks on my big, makeupless bake! 


Firstly, the product itself smells SO GOOD. I know from Jeffree's videos his liquid lips have scents like root beer, and this scrub smells like strawberry candy.  

It feels like very coarse sand, and falls apart more than I expected, so it can be tricky to scoop and get it straight onto your lips. 

Then you simply use your finger to rub the scrub on your lips. It's edible, so you can either lick it off, or wipe off to remove.

The packaging suggests you can also use the scrub as a lip primer, before lipstick, for a smooth finish.

Each lip scrub is $12, which is a lot, and more than I would usually spend on a makeup or skincare item, but I really wanted to try it.  

The scrub tub was actually a lot bigger than I expected. From the images I thought it would be the size of a lip balm pot, but it's about twice that size. 

UK shipping was $10.95, HOWEVER you will be hit with a customs charge and have to visit your local post office to pay the balance before you can get your hands on the package. That was an extra £10 which was a nasty surprise! 

So to sum up, the product smells good, you get a good amount, and it works. The downside is the postage price coupled with the hit from the customs charge, so unfortunately this will have to be my one and only Jeffree Star purchase.