The World of Kitsch is an Ireland Blog Awards 2016 Finalist!


I feel a bit cringe showing off, but at the same time I want to have this on record as it's quite an achievement for me. I also want to thank YOU, those of you who took time to vote for me when I made the shortlist. I know it's a pain in the arse when these things come around & you are being asked for votes left, right and centre, so thank you for taking a minute to help me. 

I'm a finalist in the Best Blog Post category & I'm very excited, because although I was a finalist for all sorts of national blog awards when I started out in 2009, I haven't seen as many finals since 2013, now the blogging world is so vast and I've so much competition. 

The World of Kitsch has always been a hobby for me, and without getting too personal it's my way of staying sane and having some sort of thing going on, when my M.E. doesn't allow me to pursue a career. It's also been something to open doors to incredible opportunities, events & experiences for myself & my son to partake in, that I simply couldn't offer him otherwise on our budget. 

I get to partner with brands I admire so much like M&S and IKEA, as well as help my local friends out by popping up a quick plug for their show, or Etsy Shop or event. 

So thank you to everyone who reads The World of Kitsch and enjoys it. It's a very special part of my life, and to be recognised amongst so many talented peers on our island is a real treat. 

Fingers crossed- I might even win! Who knows!