I'm in the Ireland Blog Awards' Shortlist. Please Take Two Mins to Vote For Me.


I received news a few days ago that www.TheWorldofKitsch.com has made the shortlist in the Ireland Blog Awards in the Lifestyle category & for Best Blog Post. 

20% of the points your blog gets comes from online voting, with the other 80% given by peer judges. So everyone is asking their readers to vote for them to increase their chances.

I always feel like I'm being annoying pleading for votes, so I will try not to do it too much.

I already have benefitted so much from you long-term followers voting so enthusiastically back in 2010, which led me to the highly commended prize of Best Lifestyle in the Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog Awards.

That accolade opened so many doors for me, and I am always indebted to you guys for taking a few mins & voting for me. So, if you could again, I would be happy as Larry once more!


So, click here, through to 'vote now', scroll down to the bottom of the page, don't try to load the blog's alphabetically because that will take ages, and I'm listed in the 'Ts'. Type 'kitsch' into the 'Search by Title or Blog #' and both my categories will pop up with voting buttons.

Thank you in advance! And if any bloggers are in other categories, tweet me & we can vote for each other. Follow me on Twitter here, of if you're more a Snapchat kinda person, my username is Rudedoodle on there too.