Copeland Spirits' Fruit Infused Gin- Here's To Inventive Cocktails This Christmas!


 Copeland Spirits is a Northern Irish brand with very cool ideas about gin flavours and cocktails. They've just launched their first two fruit infused gins, Raspberry & Mint, and Rhuberry, a combination of berries and rhubarb flavours.

Gin is really trendy right now, but there have always been speciality gin bars in cities across Europe. Copeland's fruit infusions open up a world of new cocktail ideas you can make at home, with even a partnership with a good quality tonic giving you a different spin on your favourite juniper beverage. 


I tried the Rhuberry with tonic & whilst the fruit twist is there, it still retains the classic gin flavour, it's certainly not just a fruit drink for girls- it packs a punch!

Of course with such attractive packaging, Copeland gin makes an excellent Christmas gift. Right now Copeland is making its way into bars throughout Northern Ireland, but if you want to keep up to date with where you can currently try it, The Copeland Gin Facebook Page is a great place to start.

To get your hands on a whole bottle of either the Rhuberry or Raspberry & Mint, with UK wide delivery, visit Neil Wine. Here's to plenty of inventive cocktails with Copeland this Christmas!