Super Cool Halloween Ice Cream From Quinn's Gelato, Available All Over Northern Ireland


We discovered  Quinn's Gelato over the summer, when one of their beautiful concessions opened in our local Maxol petrol station, Bryansburn Road, Bangor West.


Quinn's is a local brand, lovingly made in County Tyrone. What sets Quinn's apart is the presentation of the trays of ice cream that are on show to buy. They are always piled high in fluffy clouds of soft whipped deliciousness. There are sparkling toppings, fresh fruit, glitter or chocolate pieces.


There are over forty flavours but your nearby stockist will have between eight and twelve flavours at a time. The Maxol station we go to like to mix it up, but we've seen Raspberry Ruffle, Strawberry, Kinder, Bueno, Nutella, strawberry, honeycomb, bubblegum, blue sky, Flake, Jaffa Cake, and the strangest but one I tried and loved- Red Bull sorbet.

Two other places I have seen Quinn's for sale- Hillmount Garden Centre in Bangor and the petrol station on the Gransha Road.  You can visit the Quinn's website for your nearest stockist.

So this morning I was in the Maxol getting my Barista Coffee and noticed they had just put out fresh new trays in the Quinn's counter and they were all Halloween themed! The flavours include Apple Pie and Toffee Apple.


Let me know if you try any and if you love Quinn's. 


Here are a few close ups from the Quinn's FB Page.