Love Yankee Candle Silver Bells But Can't Buy It Anywhere? I've Found a Dupe.

Christmas time smells a certain way in your household, and when I first got married and had my own family home, I wanted to create a scent for us that would always remind us of holiday times. So that when Smix is a grown up, just smelling that scent would make him happy for the days of waiting for Santa. 

I picked a certain Yankee Candle that reminded me of my own childhood, not that Yankee was around at the time, but because the classic, realistic scent I chose smelt like the real Christmas trees we would have year after year. The dark green, festive jar candle I picked was Silver Bells, but then, something really annoying happened. 


Yankee discontinued the scent. So no matter where I went, garden centres, cute little homeware stockists, I couldn't find any Silver Bells jars, votives or tarts. For the next few years I would buy Silver Bells on eBay when I could, but as the years passed the rare remaining candles people found increased higher and higher in price. 

Yankee would bring out a couple of new Christmas range scents a year, but nothing matched Silver Bells. They even had a Christmas Tree smell candle, but it wasn't quite right, and Apple & Pine Tree didn't make the grade either. 

But today, today's found Silver Bells again. I was browsing the range of Yankee Candles in Ballyholme Post Office, as they had great prices (£15 for a large jar). I decided to smell some of the dark green candles, just in case they were similar, and that's when I found out that Christmas Garland is Silver Bells reincarnated! 

I'm not sure if it's a new scent for 2016, or if it was available last year too, but I'm so pleased to have my home smelling of Silver Bells again. So if you loved that discontinued range, you know what to do! Get shopping!