The Next Playground Craze are Stikeez : Where to Get Them & All You Need to Know

Remember trekking round the pound stores trying to get your hands on a pack of loom bands last summer? Well here is a heads up and how you can get ahead with this winter's new craze. 

I heard of Stickeez during the summer in a Lidl leaflet, but I hadn't seen them in store yet. My son came home from school yesterday asking could we go buy some, as they've started being pulled out of pockets in the playground already. 

 They come in separate packs for 29p and my local Bangor store has a stand of hundreds of bags at the till as of this week.


Even the submarine shaped collector box is only £1.99, but I didn't see it available to buy in my store. 

Each bag has a little plastic fish character that can stick onto a table or window. One of my Instagram followers said their children attached them to their wall and it pulled the paint loose, so it may be worth warning kids of that. 

For 29p it's not a bad craze, I'm going to buy a bag of them and use them as rewards for getting spellings, homeworks and things like that done. And until the end of this week you get a free Stikeez bag with every £10 spent! We can all agree though, that like loom bands, this will be hectic for a few months then we will never see them played with again! Good luck, fellow parents! I'll see you in the aisles of Lidl soon!