I Smell Like a Great Big Parma Violet

A reoccurring theme on The World of Kitsch, since I launched in 2009, is my devotion to finding anything and everything with the scent of the classic Swizzels Matlow sweets, Parma Violets. 

One of my most viewed posts, week in and week out, is a March 2014 post about a range of sugared violet beauty products. I did a bit of backwards search engining and found if you Google search 'Parma Violet perfume' it's one of the top results. This is ironic as I'm STILL asking Twitter even this year for other people's recommendations of perfumes that smell like the sweets.


This week I ebayed for some more Parma items and came across this body butter from  Squeaky Soaps. It was only £2, £3.99 postage mind you, and delivered in two days. It's VERY thick and super whipped. It feels heavy but with it comes a lot of moisturisation. It would be great for dry skin, and if violets aren't your thing there's a marshmallow scent on sale too.

I've ordered a couple of other small, handmade businesses' items with the same scent on eBay, so watch out for them this week. 

If you fancy checking out my really popular Parma Violets' beauty range blog post  you can visit it here!