Last Minute Bargain Getaway? Usual Kennels Completely Booked Up? The Cottage Cattery is Your Answer!

Phoning round to book Mrs Meow in to some kennels,  ANY kennels last week was proving tricky. Obviously everyone had been smart enough to book ahead. Now there wasn't even one place left for me to have Mrs Meow stay while we were away in Portstewart for a week.

Luckily I stumbled upon The Cottage Cattery



At first it was a polite no, they were booked up, BUT they then asked would we be able to use their pet sitting service. Instead of Mrs Meow going to them, they would come to her. 

For £7 a visit, someone will swing by your house, feed your animal, change their litter tray, give them a little bit of the attention they are missing from you, and do other little chores you may have such as putting out the bin, or picking up your post. For cats especially who don't like leaving their territory, it's a super alternative to taking them out of their usual environment. 

They also texted me during the week to reassure me Mrs Meow was getting on alright. I was really happy with the service, and would use it again. This isn't a typical blog review of a service I've received as complimentary, I did pay for the pet sitting, but was just thinking sharing it with my readers might save one of you being stuck some time when you book a holiday last minute and then have nowhere to put the furry member of your family! 

Mrs Meow pleased to have us home and telling me all about it.