Silent Night Help Me Get a Great Night's Sleep

Last Thursday night I was caught up reading my book, The Three by Sarah Lotz. I pushed through my sleepiness at 11pm as I wanted to keep reading, and when I finished around 1am, suddenly I realised I wasn't sleepy. Usually I'd put something on to watch on my ipad, but instead I tried to stay tech-free and just attempted to sleep. Come 6am I was still lying there sleepless, and when it was that close to getting up time I didn't want to sleep & then feel kind of sick trying to get him to school. So after the school run I just had a nap. 

I took to Twitter to have a rant about my sleepless night, and Silent Night Beds tweeted me asking could they send me something to help me next time I'm awake staring at the ceiling. 

This morning this gorgeous Sanctuary Spa set arrived, the trademark Silent Night hippo & chick in plush form, and lots of advice on how to avoid sleepless nights. The Sanctuary stuff smells amazing. It reminds me of sun lotion scent, but in a good way that I now smell like I'm on holidays. I've the hand cream on and I'm just sitting smelling my hands.


Look at those goodies! It was almost worth the sleepless night! 

The Silent Night site has a dedicated section with tips and facts on sleep including a sleep clinic if you have questions

Some of the main pointers for maintaining good sleep routines are: 

1. Having a relaxing, clutter-free sleep environment. Keep the bedroom for bed. No iPads, laptops or phones in bed (this would be a tough one for me!) 

2. Have a winding down routine. We used to do this with our kids, half an hour before bed you quiet them down, read a story etc. A relaxing bath perhaps with lavender is also a natural way to make you sleepy. 

3. No caffeine before bed. Drink juice or water, or even hot milk. 

4. If you wake during the night, don't check the time. You will only start worrying how little sleep you are getting or have left. Just relax, breathe and think about using whatever time is left to relax. 

5. Exercise. It can reduce stress and help you sleep more deeply. 

6. Eat breakfast 30 mins after waking. Again it starts your body getting used to a routine. 

Have you any tips I might be able to add or use? Let me know on Twitter, I'm @rudedoodle, and Silent Night are @silentnightbeds