Laser Teeth Whitening: What Does It Involve, Does It Hurt, and Is It Worth It?

One of my insecurities has always been my teeth. My bottom teeth are crooked, and I've never had what you might call a sparkling, white smile. As you know from previous blogs, I am having a tattoo removed at a private salon in Lisburn, Indulgence by Susan.  Susan offers a wide range of treatments and invited me to try the laser teeth whitening while I was with her for my second laser tattoo removal appointment.

As with the tattoo removal, Susan talks you through every step of the process before you commit to the treatment. She pulled no punches, and explained the whitening process can cause some sensitivity during, and for 24 hours after. I really appreciate the honesty which Susan brings to her business. She would rather you were fully informed of the realities of the treatments, than for her to just go ahead and you not to be happy. 

As it was, I had very little sensation from the treatment at all, but Susan checked in on me every ten minutes to make sure I was okay. 


The treatment involves piping a substance along the gum line to protect your mouth, then the lightening mixture is applied. The mouth guard keeps your lips back out of the way and isn't painful, just a little uncomfortable. Susan's home salon has a little relaxation room where you can sit back and watch tv while your treatment develops. The laser light doesn't produce any heat, but you do wear goggles for eye protection. 


After the procedure, I was absolutely delighted with the results. You can see from my before and after there is a lightening of a good few shades. 


Susan also provides a lightening gel to take home for a very reasonable price (you wouldn't find it cheaper even on eBay) plus she helps you mould the trays for your teeth before you leave the salon, which is a godsend if you are terrible at fiddly things like me! 

I'd definitely recommend the treatment, and if you live locally in Northern Ireland you can't go wrong if you go to Susan for the laser teeth whitening. Her website is and there are special offers on the site if you come as a pair for the treatment.

Are there any other beauty or spa treatments you are curious about that you'd like me to try out and let you know about before you take the plunge yourself? Let me know on Twitter @rudedoodle