Own an Entire Rainbow's Worth of Nail Polish Colours with Jess from Poundland

We've established I'm a bargain hunter and proud. When the Pound stores started appearing on Northern Ireland's shores, I was one of the first down there filling my trolley. We've all seen the reduced branded beauty items on their shelves, but you'd be wise to read this very useful blog post by London Beauty Queen on why they might not be the bargain they seem.

Pound chains also have certain ranges manufactured especially for them, and Jess Nail Polish is one of those endeavours. I had to share my love of the polishes with you, as at only £1 a bottle, it's for nothing.  

The colours are super. The neon yellow would poke your eyes out it's so bright, especially if you use a white base coat. One of my recent purchases was the lilac. I've tried purple nail varnishes before but always binned them after one use as it reminded me of my goth days. The Jess purple is a gorgeous pastel however, and I loved the shade so much I picked up the peach & powder blue on my return visit to the store. Have you tried Jess polishes? What do you think? Let me know on Twitter @rudedoodle. 


Own all six colours for £6, the equivalent of half a bottle of my other favourite brand of polish, Nails Inc.