I Spent £38 in Lidl- See How Much I Got

It seems like if I just walk in the door of Tesco these days I'll be leaving £20 down, even if I've only just called in for something for that night, or break time in school. You know I'm a huge Lidl cheerleader for their Deluxe range and cheaper, good quality fruit and vegetable, but it's increasingly becoming a political issue for me. Everyone is worse off than five or ten years ago, and food prices are increasing by the week. Lidl is the only place I can do a big shop and not be terrified when I get to the checkout.

I was round today to pick up some things for the weekend and spent just around £38. Here is everything I got for that price. I would guess similar products would cost around £50 at LEAST elsewhere. 

Mozzarella sticks (like McDonald's serve!) £1.55

Banana Fritters £2.00

World Cup Pizza £1.29

Potato Gratins £2.00

Pork Rib Rack £2.99

Chicken Wings £1.99  

Strawberries £1.29

Blueberries £1.99


Kinder multi-packs 2 for £2

Cereal Bars £1.39

Tortilla Wraps 89p

Babybel £1.84

Grates Cheddar £1.59

Double Gloucester £1.39

Peanuts in Chocolate 99p

Chocolate Bars 99p


Sparkling juice £1.69

Salsa dip £1.00

Spring Onions 49p

Sweet Baby Peppers 74p

Black Pudding 99p

Bacon £1.49