Michael's Corner of Kitsch

Trying out a little now & then feature; sharing my son's style with you. He's six and a half & takes a bit of an interest in his clothing, so I thought it would be nice to make this a new category on The World of Kitsch.


Sunglasses from H&M Kids, summer 2013 approx. £3.99

Mod haircut in a mini-size, cut by Clare at Vintage Rocks, Belfast. I highly recommend the parlour, especially for making kids feel relaxed and very grown up. 


Army khaki, light, spring jacket. We call it a John Connor jacket because cool dudes with friends who are Terminators wear them. H&M Kids, Spring 2014 -in store now. £17.99


Limited edition, Sailor Jerry, Converse slip ons  Bought a couple of years back in advance on eBay, brand new. Can't recall what I paid for them.

Sweatshirt is Paul Frank. Again available from H&M Kids, Winter 2014, a few left in stores. I think I paid £12.99-ish

Jeans, guess where? Yes, H&M Kids winter 2014 again. About £9.99 and much nicer quality for that price than supermarket or Primark.