Merry Kitschmas from The World of Kitsch

This year, especially the past two months, has been terribly hard for me and my son in our personal life, and so many of my PR contacts for various big brands have been absolute angels this Christmas sending us little notes & gifts to brighten our day. 

I've been so busy with real life problems I haven't even sent a single Christmas card, or managed to buy any for my closest family either, so this post is a big, all-encompassing THANK YOU card to everyone who has worked with me and supported me this year.

The brand PRs who send me wonderful treats (Jane xo), or set up collections of products from local stores for me (Nadine xo), everyone who takes time to vote when I've entered yet another blog competition, and the people who RT my links to blog posts and those who hit 'like' on my Instagram photos.

Have a very wonderful, merry Christmas and here's to a prosperous 2015 and all the blogging it brings.