Something Special Tea Party- Join in With Me Online to Win a Prize Exclusive to World of Kitsch Readers

Hello, next Thursday, 12th September, Mister Tumble's team from Cbeebies' Something Special are getting all techy & having a Twitter Party for everyone, Mums and Dads and little ones who like to fiddle with iPads, like mine does. There will be lots of prizes to give away and I will be giving away a prize just for my followers too, so you've an even better chance of winning.

i would love to invite all Michael's friends, but I've only supplies for six, so he's bringing his best friend and his sisters, and hopefully my friend who has two little ones can come too. If you're one of Michael's friend's Mummies reading this, don't worry, the birthday is next month and everyone in the class is invited to that one (Lord, help me). 

Anyway, the hashtag to use on the 12th is #somethingspecialparty and it kicks off at 4pm. Join me on Twitter, I'm @rudedoodle for my own giveaway and to spy on our games and crafts.