BLOG FRIENDLY BRANDS! Can Your Product Help Us Hack House-moving? Plus- 17 Crazy Cool Retro Futuristic Homes You'd Love to Live In

Hello blog-reading brands! Want to do some blogger outreach and be seen on this blog which averages 14,500+ unique visitors a month worldwide? (source 

We, the Smyth family, are, fingers-tightly-crossed,  buying our first home at the end of October. We've already started sorting, boxing and tidying up our beloved, little seaside rental we've lived in the past four years. I thought it might be worth while putting my blagging-bloggy feelers out and asking, "does your brand have any products that can make moving house easier?". Feel free to email me on and we can work something out that benefits both parties.

In the meantime, how about these real life retro futuristic living spaces and buildings? Architectural swoon.