You CAN Make Coffee Shop Quality Hot Drinks at Home. I Adore My Dolce Gusto.

When I was little, I wanted a Snowman Slushie Maker. When I was a teenager, I genuinely thought Teasmaids were cool (they kind of are). As an adult, the drinks making gadget I lusted after was the pod coffee maker, and thanks to Argos, I now have my own, brand new, bright red, shiny Krups, Dolce Gusto machine.

The pillar box red, kitchen residing beauty usually is priced at £129.99, but Argos has some impressive discounts on many of their coffee makers right now. This model is only £79.99 and you can reserve online and pick up at your nearest store the very same day. It also comes with two boxes of pods, so you can get started right away. 

I've owned a coffee making machine before, but the hassle of cleaning it meant after the initial novelty wore off, I was back to kettle made coffee for speed in the mornings. The Dolce Gusto system is the answer for lazy lumps like me. You simply fill the tank at the back with water, put a pod in the front of the machine, turn a switch, and that's it. The only bit you need to clean is the removable pod holder, which can be rinsed in seconds. Reading the reviews on the Argos site, where it has a five star rating, it seems I'm not alone in the relief that you can have proper coffee without the proper hassle of soil-like beans all over the worktop afterward.


The pods can be bought online, or from your local supermarket. You can make teas, hot chocolates, any coffee you can dream of, and cold drinks. I feel like a kid at Christmas with my new, cherry red, best kitchen friend.

If a pod system isn't for you, there are also dozens of other discounted hot drinks makers on the Argos website, in every colour of the rainbow.