Beautiful Art Deco Bingo Halls That Time Forgot

Britain's Bingo Heritage is as every bit quaint as donkeys on Blackpool Beach and fish & chips wrapped in newspaper. Art Deco styled Bingo Halls are dotted all over the country, plush-carpeted meeting places of the OAP getting out for the day. 

The game has had a new revival in recent years, thanks to online Bingo via sites such as  Butler's Bingo. The sites have all the games and buzz of a morning at the Bingo Hall, but advantages include special offers, 24 hour game play when YOU want to take part and the opportunity to socialise with bingo lovers all over the world. 

My interest in bingo lies in my appreciation of the Art Deco Bingo Halls which still stand in cities and town throughout the UK. Photographer Michael Hess's project to capture the heart of these bustling centres sees a collection of photographs of the inside and outside of the impressive, retro buildings.  Fascinating pictorial investigation.

I've put together my own selection of Art Deco halls, some worse for wear, but all of them beautiful in their own way.