Far Out Retro Bingo Board Games

There are some games that are destined to never go out of fashion, and bingo is one of them. Bingo had its first heyday back in the early 1930s when it was used as a church fundraiser in the States, and at the end of that decade more than 10,000 games of bingo a week were being played.

When the game travelled over the Atlantic with American soldiers during World War 2 it quickly became popular in the UK and other European countries. In the UK, after the Gambling Act of 1968, bingo halls were set up all over the country and playing bingo became a ritual for many thousands of people, especially older ladies.

Many of the bingo halls themselves were former cinemas that were turned over to a new use, and many of the bingo hall buildings are amazing art deco monuments. Today however, bingo halls are becoming a thing of the past as more and more people play online at sites like ChitChat Bingo. The fact that you can play bingo on the internet has opened the game up to many more millions of people, many of whom might never have set foot in a land-based bingo hall. Going online has also shaken up the image of bingo, which had been viewed as a game for older people and seen as a bit staid by the younger generations.

Now, though, it seems it’s cool to play bingo whatever age you are; and certainly there wouldn’t be many people who would turn up their nose at the amazing cash prizes you can win through a simple game of chance, especially when the games are so cheap to play.

Due to the take-off of online bingo, many bingo halls have now closed down and the buildings are being used in different ways again. Some have been reinstated as cinemas, but many of these large and architecturally impressive buildings are now being developed into residential flats and shops.

Wherever and however it is played, it would seem that bingo is a game that will continue to entertain future generations for many years to come.