Snot the Zombie- My Son's New Best Friend

I picked up my son from his friend's house this afternoon and told him I needed his help with a blog review today. I told him it was a zombie backpack.  "I don't like zombies" he says. Home, and 30 minutes later he is literally kissing his new Wow Pack, Snot the Zombie. I think I'll have to have him pried out of it at bed time. He just loves it.



Wow Packs are the first 3D animated back packs and they launch in the UK in August in Smyths Toy Stores. The eyes roll & snot comes from the nose, which seems to be hilarious if you are five. The controls are on the straps and there's also a motion activated setting, so Snot can trick your friends, or Daddy.  

Snot comes in green or blue, and there's also a Kitten which comes in purple & pink. 

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