Kopparberg Pear Cider & Nachos = Summer, & There's a Non-alcoholic Option!

Picnic perfect Kopparberg.


Kopparberg is the original and best pear cider on the UK market. I used to love a bottle or four on a summer evening in my single days. These days I don't drink at all, so I had forgotten all about Kopparberg as an option. 

When they contacted me to try out their new flavours Elderflower & Lime and Cloudberry I had to let them know I'd have to use my husband as taste tester due to my teetotalness. Their lovely PR made my day when she offered to send me lots of alcohol-free pear and mixed berry versions to join in with the taste test.

Rejoice! Now non-drinkers, expecting mums & those with early alarm calls tomorrow can enjoy an icy cold Kopparberg too. It tastes just like the regular version from what I remember, and it goes wonderfully with nachos. 

You can check out the full range of flavours and say hi to the team at the Kopparberg UK Facebook page, or Twitter