SnapBox UK- No More Boring Walls

My son has become obsessed with The Aquabats on CITV. The US-import is, without exaggerating, the best children's tv programme in years. Unfortunately any toys or merchandise are nowhere to be found, due to the fact the series is only one series old here in the UK. Whilst I've given their creators my hard earned cash for what official merch there is to buy, I was disappointed I couldn't find any large posters of The Aquabats for my son to stick on his wall.  You always want your favourite band on your bedroom wall when you're a kid, so I used SnapBox UK to help him out.


 Hey Homies!

Hey Homies!

Look how crips and bright the print is. How beautiful would your home, family snaps look in this format? It's easy to find out. You can connect your Facebook, Instagram etc. accounts and pick which images to transform into artwork as easily as clicking.

How about you make your own family portrait? Or create a photo canvas of your child's favourite pet to hang in their bedroom? It's time we started printing physical photos again, and SnapBox UK is there to help. 


Ten per cent of Brits have lost irreplaceable picture memories after dropping their smartphones down the loo

Survey reveals Brits are literally flushing their photos down the toilet!

New research  reveals that over a third of Brits (36 per cent) have lost valuable photos after relying on their smartphones to store them. New innovative digital photography service, SnapBox, found this includes ten per cent from dropping their phone down the toilet (4 per cent whilst drunk!) closely followed by eight per cent in the bath.

Clumsy Brits also admitted to losing precious memories by dropping and damaging their smartphones (28 per cent), which could be easily avoided if special photos were more regularly printed and displayed in the home. The research highlighted that people have fallen out of love with the tradition of printing and displaying photos in the home with the top reason (19 per cent of respondents) being that they now have far too many photos to choose from, possibly following the surge in daily smartphone photography.

A generational shift was also witnessed, with only eight per cent of 18-24 years olds now displaying their photos in a traditional photo album, compared with 26 per cent of people over the age of 55. These findings suggest the trend for taking photos on smartphones, rather than cameras and displaying snaps on social media has changed the way young people now share and store their memories.

John Doe at SnapBox comments on the research; "There is a whole generation of people who are relying on smartphones to capture and save all of their memories. Photos are all too often gathering virtual dust on phones and social media where no one can enjoy them. We're hoping this research raises awareness that a smartphone is an unreliable way to store precious photos, especially for those who are particularly accident prone. People need to start making their memories count! 

"Imagine losing the irreplaceable snaps of your baby's first steps or best friend's wedding, these are memories you can't go back and relive. Don't let your friends and family become a JPEG, display your memories with pride for all to see", advises Doe.

The research is revealed at the UK launch of SnapBox ( . The service turns photographs, including those from Facebook and Instagram, into high quality canvas prints. Following a successful launch last year in the US, SnapBox is set to offer Brits a stress-free solution to the worry of what to do with the growing number of precious images saved on smartphones today.  

To begin your SnapBox order, simply log on to, upload a photo from your computer or mobile device, or select one from your Facebook albums. Alternatively, email an image from your device to You'll get a SnapBox preview email back in a few minutes. Choose your size and continue.