Go Splash! Pocket-sized Water Flavours on the Go.

Go Splash are handbag sized, low calorie water flavourings. Basically juice dilute for on the go. I don't really do 'bad' reviews, but to tell you the truth I'm stuck trying to get my head round why you would need to carry dilute. If you are buying a bottle of water out and about, you can just as easily buy a low calorie juice. Likewise, ordering free tap water in a restaurant and whipping out the Go Splash! isn't going to endear you to the staff. The only thing I could come up with would be if you were somewhere like a theme park. You could carry a bottle to fill at water fountains, then add your squirt of Go Splash! to encourage your child to drink if they aren't keen on plain water. I suppose it might also be good for glasses of water in the office, without having to store a giant 1 litre bottle of dilute in your drawer.
But at £2.45 for a tiny bottle, it's expensive compared to larger bottles of dilute available for at home. Maybe I'm missing something really obvious, but its not something I would use. Available at supermarkets.