Detroit gets its Very Own RoboCop Statue, Thanks to The Internet

Ahhh, the Internet, what a wonderful place. Imagination Station have raised, as of posting, $67,436 from online donations on Kickstarter pledged so Detroit can be forever watched over by RoboCop. The people wanted it and the people are getting it.

What about your city? Which movie are you proud of? Here in Belfast we built The Titanic and have a huge visitor attraction themed around it (which I still believe should be called, 'It Was Okay When It Left Here'). We also manufactured Deloreans here in Northern Ireland and you can visit one dolled up in Back to the Future lights and props for a pose in Belfast City Centre.
A massive amount of Game of Thrones is filmed on our shores, so I can imagine if there is ever to be a theme park legacy for the Starks and co. it will be here in Northern Ireland.

So let me know in comments or on Twitter @rudedoodle what your town or city should have a statue of from the silver screen. In the meantime, lets just enjoy Detroit's Mister Big.