Important Information For The World of Kitsch Readers (& a House of Cupcakes)

My original blog hosting, Posterous, turns off at the end of the month. The World of Kitsch would have vanished. I am tech unsavvy and transporting the site to a safe Internet oasis of hope would have baffled my brain.

Luckily I know @StuartGibson in real life. He's the polar opposite of me, techwise, and he's the man who invented Twitlonger, so basically he's Mister Internets in my mind.

We have (he has) rescued The World of Kitsch and I am now hosted on Squarespace.

If you have The World of Kitsch bookmarked from the early years, you might want to change it to rather than the Posterous URL as its soon to disappear completely.

Thank you so much, Stuart, and thank you Kirsten for baking me a literal house of cupcakes to take home.

PRs and brands- if you have been waiting for a blog post from me, I will be getting caught up this week, now I am able to actually post again. If you need to get in touch it's still or @rudedoodle on Twitter.